Review of the book "The China Study" written by Thomas Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II - a book about diet, the cause of some diseases is poor nutrition

Thomas Colin Campbell, an American biochemist and professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University in New York, together with his son Thomas M. Campbell II, wrote the book "The China Study". In the early 1980s, a distinguished Chinese researcher, Dr. Junshi Chen came to work in Mr. Campbell's lab at Cornell University. In their talks, they also talked about a poll conducted in China in the early 1970s when Chinese Prime Minister Chou Enlai fell ill with cancer. The survey was conducted on 880 million Chinese. The final result of the survey was a color atlas showing the places where cancer was most common and where it was almost non-existent. In the districts with the highest cancer rate, the incidence of the disease was up to 100 times higher than in the districts where cancer was the least common. Wanting to research this phenomenon, Professor Campbell and Dr. Chen (deputy director of China's leading food and health research laboratory) have formed a team of internationally recognized researchers. They traveled to 65 districts in China, distributed questionnaires and performed blood tests on 6,500 people. The nature of the diet in rural and semi-rural China has been studied. In America, 15-16% of the total calories obtained from food come from protein and up to 80% of this amount comes from food of animal origin. In rural China, 9-10% of total calories come from protein and only 10% of total protein comes from animal foods. The Chinese consume far more calories than the Americans but less fat, less animal products, more fiber and much more iron. There is a lot of variation in China, hence the differences in the atlas of the 1970s. Data from the study showed that as blood cholesterol levels drop from 170 mg / dl to 90 mg / dl, it also reduces the incidence of the following diseases: cancer of the liver, rectum, colon, lung, breast, leukemia, brain, stomach and esophagus. Vegetable foods are associated with lower blood cholesterol levels while animal foods are associated with higher blood cholesterol levels.

One of the findings of the China Study was that in districts where blood cholesterol was high, the incidence of "Western" diseases was just as high. But in China, no populations have been studied that ate exclusively vegetable products. The main conclusion is this: the people who ate the most animal products were the sickest and the people who ate the most plant products were the healthiest. I switched to a raw vegan diet, I consume a significant amount of fats (avocado, coconut, olives, nuts, etc.), fruits, vegetables and greens. I've been doing this for 4 months and I feel really good. Doctors recommend those who have a diet consisting only of plant products (called vegan) to take a vitamin b12 supplement and in winter vitamin d3. Vitamin b12 is needed but not found in plant products. Interestingly, vitamin b12 is produced in our body in the large intestine, but doctors say that it cannot be absorbed there, because it is absorbed in the small intestine. Vitamin d3 is produced in our body by sun exposure and is not usually found in plant products. However, mushrooms are a source of vitamin d, but vitamin d2 not d3. Have a nice day!

“Studiul China”, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II, Adevar Divin, Brasov, 2012

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